Slimming Waist Trainer
Slimming Waist Trainer
Slimming Waist Trainer
Slimming Waist Trainer

Slimming Waist Trainer

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The safest & most effective waist trainer on the market!

Our Slimming Trainer is made from high-quality fabrics which lightly compress your abdomen, helping breakdown and burn belly/back fat!

The light material makes it comfortable to wear throughout the day or even to sleep in at night!

100% safe for all women - get visible results within 1-2 weeks!

High Quality + Flexi-Steel Bones! 

SIZE - Waist Inches - US Dress Size:

Small - 24-26 Inch - Dress 0-2

Med - 26-28 Inch - Dress 2-4

Large - 28-30 Inch - Dress 4-6

XL - 30-32 Inch - Dress 8-10

XXL  - 32-34 Inch - Dress 10-12

XXXL - 34-36 Inch - Dress 12-14

Measure waist 1 inch above belly button. 

Order True to Size.

Customer Reviews

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good quality

good quality, fits fine.

Pls pick the size

I love it very comfortable

The best!

Absolutely love how it shapes me. I got a size small and it works. I’m 12 weeks postpartum and wanted something to help get my 22 inch waist back so I think this may be it! I had to lay down and put it on and it fits right but I’m happy with that. Also comfortable to wear while taking care of a baby all day ! It had an odd smell but doesn’t bother me much. I’ve ordered many waist trainers from other companies and this is by far the best and the only one I won’t be returning!! I will write an updated review after a few weeks to see if I see any difference.

It actually works!

I bought this waist trainer based on the reviews. It fit perfectly on the very last hook and eye when it first arrived. It has been 3 weeks and I am down to the last row. YAY! The first day, I only wore it 2 hours. The second day I wore it for 3. My goal was 8. It hurt my ribs a little on day 1 and day 2, but by the end of the first week it was completely comfortable. I wear it all the time, except when I'm sleeping. It feels natural to wear it, and weird to not wear it now. It feels like it holds my guts in place. After seeing the fantastic results, I am considering a corset for a more hour glass shape, since waist training works so well! I may buy the next size smaller in this waist trainer, as it is very comfortable. I was not very active while wearing this waist trainer, as it does make you SWEAT! As long as I lounge around watching TV, I'm very comfortable. As soon as I go outside to water my plants, SWEAT! It definitely heats up the mid section if you exert yourself in any way. It absolutely works. I highly recommend, especially for the price!!! It is not cheaply made at all.

It works!

I bought this corset because the one I used to wear was x small and my waist got smaller but the brand didn’t make xx small..It’s been 2 days since I got this corset but I like it so far.I’m 5’3 and 122lbs, because my waist got smaller from the other one that I have, xx small fits perfectly!The picture was the first day I put on.I could make the hook the second row today so this corset works pretty good!I wear it about 6-7 hours a day.*update!It’s been 6 days since I started wearing it and I reached the tightest hook already.I’m not really losing weight or anything.I wear it pretty tight but once you’re used to it, it’s not uncomfortable at all.I guess it’s like braces on your teeth, it’ll just change the shape of your waist not necessarily make you lose weight..By the way, I measure my waist with the xx small corset now and it was 25’.I guess I’m going to find xxx small soon!