Reflexology Foot Acupressure Mat Massage
Reflexology Foot Acupressure Mat Massage
Reflexology Foot Acupressure Mat Massage
Reflexology Foot Acupressure Mat Massage
Reflexology Foot Acupressure Mat Massage

Reflexology Foot Acupressure Mat

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Feel the unique power of Reflexology & Acupressure!

  • Eliminate Toxins - Our Reflexology Foot Acupressure Mat helps to eliminate toxins from the body, promotes metabolism and blood circulation. It is a great gift for families and friends.
  • Easy To Use - Our Reflexology Foot Acupressure Mat is easy to use and effective. Using it 5 minutes a day is already enough to improve your metabolism.
  • Strengthen Immunity - Our Reflexology Foot Acupressure Mat adjusts the function of entrails, relaxes the nervous system, eases tiredness of the muscles and modulates the immune system.
  • Promote Healthy Metabolism - Reflexology Foot Acupressure Matt effectively stimulates the reflex zones of the foot, promotes metabolism, clears the meridians, qi and blood, and adjusts visceral function and the energy flow in the body.

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Customer Reviews

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Laura McLaughlin
Simple but overall effective

This is a really interesting item. I recently started getting Thai-style foot massages since I have frequent aching feet, and I discovered the Thai massages differ from other reflexology styles I've tried at spas, because they often us a flat stick (kinda like a thick chopstick) that they use to push onto specific pressure points on your foot. They basically push on it for awhile then move onto another spot and press down on that. The stick lets them apply more firm pressure than a finger which would tend to wiggle. This seems to relieve my foot pain more than the normal sliding rub style. So, when I came across this foot pad, it looked like it might help me under the same concept. By stepping onto and keeping pressure on the foot on the pad, it should be the same basic idea as pushing onto specific pressure points. The pad works pretty well to hit the pressure points, but it does take a bit of adjusting your foot on the pad to hit different points, since of course everyone's foot is a different size so a universal pad can't hit the right spot for everyone. I did find that the large yellow stones seem raised higher than some of the other stones, so it means I often feel only the yellow stones, and my foot doesn't make any contact with or get pressure from the other stones in between. Maybe it's just the curvature of my own foot and it might work for others. I get around this by moving my foot around on the pad to angle into the stones I want to hit and it works moderately successfully doing that.

Jane N. Rak
Great buy!

I wear an adult female size 8 shoe and this fits my foot perfectly. There has been so much talk about the benefits of pressure points in feet that I wanted to try this. The individual pressure point bumps themselves are so elevated and hard that I can't put all of my weight on it so I have it at my computer and just rest my feet on them while I work. I actually think this is better anyway because I can relax my foot better that way or move them around to hit different points. My feet feel a little more energized when I'm done but I'm not sure of all the other benefits. It can only help though, right?

Robeym Robeym

Fabulous item! I use it every day while watching TV! It is a very thorough foot treatment that tunes up the whole body!

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