LULAA - Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover Nail Polish Remover
LULAA - Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover Nail Polish Remover
LULAA - Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover Nail Polish Remover
LULAA - Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover Nail Polish Remover
LULAA - Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover Nail Polish Remover
LULAA - Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover Nail Polish Remover
LULAA - Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover Bottle Nail Polish Remover

LULAA™ - Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover

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Gel manicures are wonderful and long-wearing, but very difficult to remove without damaging the nail underneath it. Remove your gel polish with ease and only in a minute!

The LULAA™ Magic Nail Gel Polish Remover allows you to remove your gel polish from the comfort of your own home without the need for long soaks and hard pushing! Made with a formula that contains fast-acting antibacterial and antifungal agents, the LULAA Magic Nail Gel Polish Remover is very mild to the skin and not irritating at all! 


  • Fast-acting - Thanks to the brand new and revolutionary LULAA-Nano-Tech formula that works in as fast as within 1 minute, removing your gel nail polish will never be time consuming again! 
  • Easy to Apply - The LULAA Magic Nail Gel Polish Remover comes in a bottle with an applicator like ordinary nail polishes. Swipe on a bit of the product onto your nails and the next thing you know, your gel nails are already lifted and ready to be peeled off!
  • Does not damage nor dry out nails - The LULAA Magic Nail Gel Polish Remover does not need to soak for a long time to be able to lift gel from your nails, therefore saving them from streaks and dullness. Leave the remover on for 1 to 2 minutes, and you will see your gel nail polish rising on it’s own!
  • Mild and Non-irritating - Unlike other gel nail polish removers, the LULAA Magic Nail Polish Remover's gentle formulation prevents any irritation when the product touches the skin. No more itching and burning while removing your gel nail polish!
    Gel Nail Polish Remover Step by Step
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1008 reviews
    better than expected

    This works better than i expected. I was being slightly critical in what i expected. It's not the wonder substance some make it out to be, but better than i thought it would be.It is a vast improvement over acetone.

    Removes UV Gel Polish!!!! Only remover in this house from now on!

    I waited a while to write my review of this product. I really wanted to provide a fair and accurate review. Here goes.I purchased this product for my daughter who wears UV gel polish. Acetone dries the heck out of the nails. It does a great job of removing the polish, but WOW can it dehydrate the nails. The thing that drew me to LULAA Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover was the fact the nails looked so good after removing the polish. I figured it probably was great for regular old nail polish, but to remove UV gel polish, that was a different story. The company claimed the product did remove gel, so we gave it a try. Here is what we found.The first thing noticed was the lack of smell. That got a big thumbs up! But what I have been most impressed about is how easily it removes sturdy nail polish! After 1 minute of applying it it just started dissolving itself in front of my eyes! I couldn't believe it!!!!

    Works like a charm

    Wonderful product. Couldn't be happier. No harmful chemicals, smells pleasant, remove nail polish like a charm. I dipped the product on small pieces of cotton then placed them on my nails, waited for like 45 seconds, remove them and then my nails are clean and happy.

    Great nail polish

    Awesome product! It got my nail polish off easily, & my nails felt nice & moist. Worked really well, & i’ll be definitely buying it again.

    A very effective nail polish that also leaves nails shiny and cuticles moisturized. Nice!

    This is my first time trying out a natural nail polish. I was a bit skeptical but it works much better than expected. It also leaves my nails looking so shiny and moisturized! I am almost tempted to use it just to help moisturize my nails and make them look more polished! :)This one differs from regular nail polish because you have to let it sit for 5 minutes to soften the polish, then you simply remove it. It's pretty easy and it gives you five minutes to relax and let it do its thing. It also doesn't leave your nails all dry looking or smelling like acetone.I like the fact that it comes with a dropper; it makes it easier to ration out and apply to cotton balls or q-tips. The bottle is a good size too.A discounted sample was provided for evaluation and review.