Deep Cleansing Black Mask Beauty
Deep Cleansing Black Mask Beauty
Deep Cleansing Black Mask Beauty
Deep Cleansing Black Mask Beauty
Deep Cleansing Black Mask Beauty
Deep Cleansing Black Mask Beauty
Deep Cleansing Black Mask Beauty

Deep Cleansing Black Mask

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How to remove blackheads

Get rid of Blackheads and clear up your skin with ease!

Squeezing blackheads is not only painful and bothersome, it is also damaging to your skin and can make matters worse. Our Deep Cleansing Black Mask can help you achieve the clear and impurity-free skin you have always dreamt of. One application a week is enough to see great results! 


  • Deep Cleansing System - Our deep cleansing black mask can gently draw out blackheads, toxins, dirt and oil. The sticky texture ensures stronger absorption and better effect of deep cleansing
  • Natural Ingredients - Our peel off mask is formulated with bamboo, activated charcoal, chamomile, green tea and centella asiatica. When applied to the skin , it acts like a magnet to draw out dust, sebum and impurities. It will make your skin look clear and feel perfectly pure
  • Tightens Pores - Our black mask has unique strong absorption and deep cleansing effects, clears up the skin, refines pores and reduces excess sebum production over time 
  • Suitable For All Skin Types - The charcoal mask is good for many types of skins. Normal skin, acne skin, oily skin, dry skin (please do skin test before using it)
  • 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee - After you receive it, we're so certain you will love it that If you don't, you can send it back for a full refund. No Questions asked

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Deep Cleansing Black Mask

Customer Reviews

Based on 461 reviews
face feels fantastic

I used the Wish app to purchase this, but I figured I'd review it here as well. The first time I didn't apply enough and it came off in patches, but the second time I used more and it peeled off completely. My skin is softer and I don't feel that it's painful enough to stop using.

Would recommend!!

I tried it once and wasn't happy about the results, but I noticed my black heads coming back so I fired it again and it worked so well! You have to apply a THICK layer to have it work the way it is suppose to. It's not a face mask, it's for the Tzone and chin.

If you like Biore, you may like this mask

I don't understand the reviews that exaggerate the pain. The mask doesn't hurt any more than a Biore pore strip, and unless you're a dramatic pain wimp or fail to follow directions, you'll be fine.

Not as good as the hype

Didn't hurt too bad peeling off. Left skin smooth but did not pull out blackheads as I was expecting . Going to try again. Also I did some research and apparently this is not an authentic product it is a replica.

Expensive for the amount of product you get

I really like this product. It's your typical peel off mask, nothing exceptional, but I really like peel of masks in general. This one doesn't stand out much from the others I've tried, but it does the job.