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Wow!! Finally something that works!

I love my RosaLight mask! I use the red light 10 minutes a day. I started 3 weeks ago and built it up slowly. My rosacea is so much better! The baseline redness is visibly better and also the flushing has almost disappeared completely. My friends also noticed the change. I still can't believe it after so many years of struggle! I attached a before/after picture so you can see the results. I'm sure it will get even better the more I use it.

Love love LOVE!

At first, I had to get a feel of how to put them on but once I figured it out, the process was seamless! Love the style of my M5’s too. Gonna order like another 5 more 😂😂 thanking you!

This mask produces the promised results!

With so many gimmicks out there in the beauty world, and god only knows how much money wasted on bogus products that never fulfilled their claims, I was a bit skeptical to to purchase this product. However, between the information I've been reading lately on the benefits of light therapy, combined with the positive reviews this particular mask had, and the return policy of the company, I figured the only thing I had to lose were the redness in my face and the embarassing flushing. So far, I have only used the red and blue light, but I can tell you that after only a couple of weeks of both colors 3 x's a week usage, at level 5 for 20 minutes, my skin is significantly (and noticeably) brighter, smoother and more even. I noticed the biggest difference on my nose. People keep saying that though they can't quite put a finger on what, specifically, it is about my skin that looks different, there just seems to be an all around "healthy, glowiness" to it. I'll take it!Update: Still so incredibly happy with this mask, and my skin only continues to get better...Can't say enough good thinks about this thing!

Wand Curler™ - Automatic Iron Hair Curler
A Fantastic Way to Create Beautiful Curls!

I am in love with this gadget! I’ve always used curling irons, but this is so much better. For me, I don’t have to be as mindful of how I’m wrapping my hair in the curling iron to avoid that antiquated style of overly curled hair. This thing makes lovely soft curls that fall just right on your head with less curl at the root and more at the middle and bottom of hair strands.I love that the heated part is completely inside the barrel, so no worries about burning my fingers. It’s very quick to heat up - under a minute. You can easily adjust the settings for heat or how long you want the hair in the barrel before it beeps. Even if the unit hasn’t beeped and you want to release your hair sooner, you just pull it out.It won’t let your hair get stuck inside. If you try to put too much inside or the hair is too tangled to start, the iron beeps and stops pulling the hair inside. You can’t continue until you reset the iron. I have pretty thick hair and still have been able to pull in reasonable sections of hair.I’m able to curl my entire head of thick hair in about 10 minutes.Love the easy buttons to change the direction the curl will go. It does take just a bit of getting used to with respect to how to most effectively hold the wand and how to place your hair inside to achieve the best result.I’m right handed and usually curl my whole head with my right hand. With this, I found it easier to use my left hand to hold the wand when working on MY right side of head, so basically hold the wand with the hand opposite of the side you’re curling. Use your free have to pull the section of hair into the slot on the front (which should face the outside away from your head).But even the first use, my hair came out really great. These pics are from the 2nd time when I hadn’t really finished styling it. After the curls loosen up and your hair products settle in a bit, your hair will look even better and have that languid, sexy curl. Definitely worth the money! I’m so glad I bought it!

Company Stands With You!

I love this mask and use it every day. Each day I use two of the color modes in the rotation, the following day I use the next two and so on. And it works. My skin tone has never looked more smooth and even! After about 5 months of use, the usb port on the mask itself broke loose and I was unable to use the mask, but RosaLight proactively saw my mention of this in my updated review and just shipped me a brand new unit at no cost to me. Apparently this item comes with a 5 year guarantee! It was incredible customer service from a company that really cares about its customers and believes in its products. Highly recommended!

Sparkle™ by Flare - Glitter Eyeshadow
Gorgeous and SPARKLY

Super sparkly and sets completely dry! Cannot WAIT to use this to accent my fantasy make up looks!

Worth it

I started using LED light treatments with a cheap mask from Wall Mart and I saw results over time, but nothing like this mask. This is like driving a Ferrari compared to the Ford Pinto I used previously. I use the red light for 20 minutes and then the yellow light for 20 minutes, three times a week. My last mask didn't have all the colors this one has, and the red light has made a huge difference. Excellent company, great customer service and follow-up. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

It’s legit!

By following the size chart I determined I needed to go up about 2 sizes from what I’d normally wear... these definitely did not disappoint! They added curves in all the right places... as well as giving it a lift! I 100% would order again! 5 stars!!

Works very quickly!

Super thrilled to purchase the RosaLight mask as I used to do phototherapy treatments at the beauty salon regularly, so I was familiar with the effectiveness of it, but costs really added up over time. Once I received the mask, I was blown away by its effectiveness. I used the blue LED light for 20 minutes then the red LED light for 20 minutes and I honestly saw a difference pretty much immediately. My skin looked and felt tighter. After nearly three weeks of daily use, I noticed that my pores had gotten smaller and my forehead was shining with even skin. I got busy around the holidays and didn't use it as much and could tell when I wasn't. I had a slight issue with the red LED light turning orange and after reaching out to RosaLight they immediately sent me a new one. Their customer service is top notch and this was all within the last week. I have shared the product with numerous friends and I hope they buy it soon to share in the amazing results. This mask also looks hilarious on! I will usually lay down, meditate, or listen to a book on Audible for 20 - 35 minutes and just let my collagen rebuild!

Good quality & Price

It's very sturdy and works great when I use it to apply my eyelashes. I love that it comes with it's travel bag because I just throw it in my handbag and when I need it, I can easily find it.

FashionBright™ by KCE - Glitter Nail Polish
Great product will buy again

Color are pretty, goes on smooth only need 2 coat make my nails look super sparkly. The glitter did last for 2 weeks, without chipping or peeling. Great quality would definitely buy again.

Love this eyeliner

It's easy to put on and it doesn't smudge. I wore it all day without a problem. I love the fact that it’s two liners for both sides.

better than expected

This works better than i expected. I was being slightly critical in what i expected. It's not the wonder substance some make it out to be, but better than i thought it would be.It is a vast improvement over acetone.

Removes UV Gel Polish!!!! Only remover in this house from now on!

I waited a while to write my review of this product. I really wanted to provide a fair and accurate review. Here goes.I purchased this product for my daughter who wears UV gel polish. Acetone dries the heck out of the nails. It does a great job of removing the polish, but WOW can it dehydrate the nails. The thing that drew me to LULAA Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover was the fact the nails looked so good after removing the polish. I figured it probably was great for regular old nail polish, but to remove UV gel polish, that was a different story. The company claimed the product did remove gel, so we gave it a try. Here is what we found.The first thing noticed was the lack of smell. That got a big thumbs up! But what I have been most impressed about is how easily it removes sturdy nail polish! After 1 minute of applying it it just started dissolving itself in front of my eyes! I couldn't believe it!!!!

Works like a charm

Wonderful product. Couldn't be happier. No harmful chemicals, smells pleasant, remove nail polish like a charm. I dipped the product on small pieces of cotton then placed them on my nails, waited for like 45 seconds, remove them and then my nails are clean and happy.

Great nail polish

Awesome product! It got my nail polish off easily, & my nails felt nice & moist. Worked really well, & i’ll be definitely buying it again.


You can definitely see the difference in the photo. I don't think I'll ever go back to using regular lashes. It was easy to apply. They stayed in place. Only retouched the eyeliner once.

Glimmer Look™ by Handaiyan - Glitter Gel Cream

Used for a festival and LOVED this chunky glitter. Bought glitter glue separately. Gorgeous purchase would buy again. With good glue it lasts all day!

Best Liner EVER

This is an amazing product!! I’m obsessed with it! It makes applying eyeliner so much easier, it stays on all day long! Doesn’t smudge, doesn’t get product everywhere, and if you have sensitive eyes this is perfect for you because it doesn’t irritate your skin or eyes. I would totally recommend this, specially if you are a beginner when it comes to winged eyeliner this is the best beauty hack !

Surprised! 🙂

I have tough thick hair and nothing "without heat" works for me. I really do like the concept of putting something comfortable on and forgetting about it and still getting results ( because I am lazy), so I gave them a try. I left them on only for an hour and still the curls were beautiful. Easy to put on, comes in different sizes. Does not bother while sleeping and give you the curls you want!

Wand Curler™ - Automatic Iron Hair Curler
The most amazing tool EVER!

WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE??! I curled my entire head in less than 10 minutes. So easy to use!


I love them but my hair is too long. Came with two free hair nets. I'll try to update my review once I've used them.

24K Rose Gold Beauty Elixir Makeup Oil

Five Stars

So quick and easy!

I absolutely love love love this product! When I saw a video on it I just had to try it for myself. It used to take me FOREVER to get the perfect wings and now it seriously takes me about a minute to finish up both eyes! It’s truly AMAZING!!!! 🙌 I recommend to anyone!

Easy and affordable liner

Easy and effective eye liner stamp. Doesn’t dry out and non streaky.