Reusable Magnetic False Eyelashes Beauty
Reusable Magnetic False Eyelashes Beauty
Reusable Magnetic False Eyelashes Beauty
Reusable Magnetic False Eyelashes Beauty
Reusable Magnetic False Eyelashes Beauty
Reusable Magnetic False Eyelashes Beauty

Reusable Magnetic False Eyelashes

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Who says glamorous lashes can’t look natural? These Lashes give you luxurious length and volume, without that “false lash” effect. If you love the look of long, sexy, luxurious lashes — but hate putting in the work —These Magnetic Eyelashes is a must-have beauty tool!

Punching yet modern, this handmade magnetic lash runs with any look — from daytime to nightfall wear. This breakthrough solution works for people of all ages, ethnicities, and fits any eye shape. Experience the Magnetic Eyelashes revolution today!

Key Features:

✓ Extremely Safe: No glue, no serum means no toxins — so you don't have to worry about damaging your natural lashes, or changing the color of your pupils.

✓ Effortless: Works in seconds, no glues or adhesives required.

✓ Super-Easy to apply: Smudge Proof, no messy glue to ruin your eyeliner or your makeup.

✓ Budge-Proof: Your lashes will stay in place until you decide to take them off.

✓ Reusable: One set is all you need for long-lasting results.

✓ Ultra-lightweight Technology: You won't feel the lashes, but the compliments you will :)

Our Magnetic Eyelash Length is 12mm (0.47 inch) and they come as a set of 4 pieces

Customer Reviews

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Practice makes perfect!

I’ve been wanting to try this style of lashes for a while and I’m impressed. It does take some finesse and learning to put them on correctly but practice makes perfect! They weren’t curved enough on the inner corners for my eye shape so I pinched the ends together and put my hair dryer on them for a second and then used the cold shot button to try and freeze it in place. They are really light and moveable too


They're alot easier to use than I've read. Just cut a fourth of them off, so they look more natural. Then you just set the first half on top of your natural lashes and the second half clips together under your natural lashes. Simple. And they look great. Although on one pair the a magnet fell off but I did expect something like that for the price. They stay on all day too. Definitely worth the money.👌

Great quality for the price!

These lashes are gorgeous! I was blown away at the quality of them. I just had eye liner on and I was so surprised at how great they looked. They looked exactly how mine did when I got eyelash extensions.

Major drama

I've never worn false eyelashes before. I had a wedding to go to so I thought I would have some fun. These are very dramatic. They were very easy to apply, I was able to get them on right the very first time. I received lots of compliments on my eyes!

Best Ever

Best Ever!!! I’ve tried a lot of brands, all those have in CVS, Walgreens and etcThese one are the best abt the cheapest ever! Really, I use everyday!