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Flower Jelly Lipstick - The Color Changing Sensation Lipstick
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Flower Jellyâ„¢ Lipstick - The Color Changing Sensation

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See your Lipstick change color like magic, with the world's most beautiful Lipstick!
This is more than just a Lipstick — this is a fashion statement! 

This Lipstick goes on clear and changes color on your lips, hydrating them and giving them a flawless look.

Impress everyone with this beauty as it imparts a glossy pink tint to your lips that changes color depending on your body temperature. 
The handmade Flower Jelly™ Lipstick contains natural ingredients and feels super moisturizing thanks to the use of cocoa butter, olive oil and lavender oil. 

These gorgeous jelly lipsticks have actual dried flowers in them, flakes of gold and are the prettiest things ever!

No one will believe it's real until they see how luscious and succulent your pout looks when you're done!

Flower Jelly LipstickFeatures:

  • Changes color with body temperature
  • Real flower and gold flakes
  • Acts as lip balm as well as a lipstick resulting in healthy, moisturized lips
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sweet scent
  • 3 year shelf life
  • Animal cruelty free
  • Long lasting, fade free

Please note: Color options relate to the actual flower inside, not the lipstick color applied to your lips.
The color changes with variations in temperature so your lips will have a unique color.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

It smells super sweet and is so pretty. I love the rose in the center. I put it on in the morning and its lasted all though the day and still looks great. I love the stain color. It is so unique and the temperature activated science behind it is totally cool. The red case is cute too. It has a button at the top and when you press it, you pull the gold tube part out. Theres also a mirror on the side of the case. I cant wait to buy more!!!

This stuff is addictive!

I've become addicted to this stuff. color is a blush pink on me. goes on like a balm but colors like a stain. feels great on the lips. moist without feeling gloppy or greasy. not at all drying. color is like my natural lip color but prettier. subtle.


It's so pretty I hate to use it. It smells good too.

Will buy more

LOVE LOVE LOVE, bright vibrant color, changes with body temp. Great look, I will buy more soon :)


Beautifully made product! Saw the fb advertisement and decided to try it out. Felt very smooth when putting on and sits lightly unlike many thick lipsticks.